serving suggestion salad, beans, tortillas

Quick and Simple Refried Beans

Who doesn’t need a quick and simple dinner once in a while? I love this recipe for refried beans as it can be thrown together really easily, and is pretty healthy too. Canned beans can be expensive here in Turkey so I have to get into the habit of having beans and chickpeas soaking overnight … Continue reading

lentil rolls on a plate

Curried Lentil and Cheese Picnic Rolls

Lentils are an important source of protein for non meat eaters and are so wonderful in a variety of dishes. I grew up eating Indian daal made with lentils, and now living in Turkey, my go to lentil dish is Lentil Soup. Neither works well for a picnic though and are both a little messy … Continue reading

Turkish Style Carrots with Garlic-infused Yogurt

I first tried carrots with garlic-infused yogurt (sarımsaklı havuç in Turkish) at a charming family run restaurant set in the hills overlooking Gümüşlük, and it fast became a favourite meze for both my OH and I. Unfortunately no other restaurant seemed able to match up to Teldolap’s version so I set out to recreate it … Continue reading

Tasty Broad Bean Spread – Fava

Each time I order Turkish mezes in a restaurant here in Bodrum, I always enjoy trying the dishes I don’t recognise, alongside some trusty favourites, of course. There are many local and seasonal specialities on offer and a dish of the same name can be very different when prepared by a chef from a different … Continue reading